2018 One Million Woman Link Up

What women are missing when it comes to LinkedIn is a collaborative marketing approach to harness its economic power. You can change that by plugging your business into the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up.  It's a year long virtual tour / business movement surrounding LinkedIn’s 220,000,000+ women in business community.  Its mission is to spark collaborative marketing relationships between 1,000,000 professional, Main Street & virtual business women so they can thrive INSTEAD OF survive by cross pollinating their marketing skills and female LinkedIn connections.

Collaboration Marketing is the process of aligning your company’s interests, resources, and marketing muscle with other like-minded companies to accomplish much more than you might be able to do on your own. The concept has existed for a long time in advertising.


Smart women partner if they want to grow a 7 figure business.

Why spend your valuable marketing hours trying to capture one client at a time when you can secure 10 or more by creating win win collaborative marketing relationships with complementary business and professional people who can open doors for your business? It’s a proven fact that collaborative business relationships fuel innovation, save time on marketing and cut business costs.

Yet, finding collaborative marketing partners can be daunting and time consuming.

  • Prospects take too long to follow up.
  • They feel they are too busy to consider collaborating because they are wearing all the hats in their business.
  • They are more worried about “what’s in it for me” than the mutual benefits.
  • They say yes but don’t pull their weight.

You would think that by simply posting an update that you are looking for collaborative marketing partners on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc., it would produce tons of interests from your connections. Unless you are a celebrity with millions of followers who hang on your every word, you most likely won’t have a large response. Feeds on social networking sites and their groups fill up quickly.  Network updates have a very short life and group members can take weeks to visit to read posts.

You need someone to cut through all the chatter and clutter on social networking sites who can connect you with a pool of business candidates to choose from to collaborate with so you can fast track your projects and profits. Reality shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette allow people to “date” and have prospects compete for their attention while they whittle down their numbers.  They have the right idea.

A collaborative business partner matchmaker lines up businesses to pitch YOU on being a part of your marketing campaign.

You need to approach your search for collaborative marketing partners from a position of strength by having your prospects “court” you to be a part of your marketing campaign. In short, you need a collaborative business partner matchmaker. Someone who can:

  1. Search for and do the initial vetting of business people who meet your criteria — mailing list size, client base, project type, skillset, mission, business goals, location, type of business, etc.
  2. Present you with a dossier on each person.
  3. Then introduce you to them as a group in a virtual social setting utilizing an interview/networking format so you can begin whittling down the group.
  4. Arrange for them to submit a personal email to you detailing why they would be a great fit for your marketing campaign.

Individual & Small Group Consultations Available

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Collaborative Business Match is your LinkedIn partnering solution.  

Collaborative Business Match was launched to help women increase their leads, brand and influence using LinkedIn by facilitating collaborative business partnerships between them. You can pay someone to coach you on how to post, use groups, create long form posts, etc., on LinkedIn.  Their focus will be singular.  When you have a tight budget and limited time, you can’t afford the singular approach.  You need a collaborative approach to mine LinkedIn so you can quickly gain access to its members.  Your clients are tucked away in your LinkedIn connections Rolodex waiting to hear from you.

44% Of LinkedIn’s 500,000,000 Members — 220,000,000 — Are Women. It’s the ultimate marketing playground to attract money minded female entrepreneurs to partner, prospect and prosper with.

Catapult your marketing campaign.

In addition to individual and small group consultations, we develop high profile large scale collaborative marketing projects with LinkedIn as the “backdrop” that busy business and professional women from a wide range of industries can plug their businesses into. The collaborative marketing projects incorporate characteristics of mastermind groups, business incubators, workshops, and more as part of their implementation. Free and fee based involvement is available to accommodate different budgets and business goals. Participants cross pollinate their LinkedIn connections, mailing lists, virtual and physical business spaces, online and offline networking activities, knowledge, etc.

Our 2018 projects include a women’s partnership organization & collaborative marketing movement.