2018 One Million Woman Link Up Participant Spotlight

By Jerrilynn Thomas | Collaborative Business Relationships

Jan 24

Connect With Some Of Our Participants

Would you like to be one of the women spotlighted from your area? Add yourself to the  2018 One Million Woman Link Up. Then request to join the Facebook group set up exclusively for female LinkedIn members so you can craft the perfect business story. Niche virtual mixers are planned throughout the tour to facilitate alliances. Make sure you connect with Jerrilynn B. Thomas, founder of Collaborative Business Match on LinkedIn.

Special Note: If you are only given the option to Inmail a person on the list below, there is a way around the connection roadblock. On every profile there are three little squares located to the right. Click on them to access a drop down menu. It contains the link to invite them to connect. It’s a little known feature.

  • Altovise Pelozer’s (Elkton, MD) expertise is taking women from abuse to applause. She is interested in partnering with Pinterest coaches, business coaches, LinkedIn specialists, CPAs and professional speakers.
  • Shulamit Ber Levtov’s (Merrickville, ON) expertise is helping business women transform the effects of stress and trauma so they can feel good *and* respond effectively when the crap hits the fan (personally or in business). She is interested in partnering with business coaches, VAs, OBMs, and financial planners.
  • Dr. Kimberly Baker’s (Chicago, IL) expertise is Clinical Psychology, Geriatric Assessment, Dementia Psychoeducation, Cognitive Stimulation, and Individual & Family therapy. She is interested in partnering with long term care communities, senior homes and licensed clinical social workers.
  • Erica Tucci (Houston, TX) has 20+ years of experience under her belt in management, technical writing, editing, marketing communications and bringing documentation projects from conception to production. She is interested in partnering with life and business coaches specializing in women 40+, graphic designers, video editors, virtual assistants, and marketing specialists.
  • Deirdre W. Sanderlin’s (Virginia Beach, VA) expertise is in women’s programming and events. She is interested in partnering with college administrators, women’s organizations, agencies that serve women, virtual assistants and social media marketers.
  • Tammie Terrell Polk’s (Memphis, TN) expertise is helping business women with their struggles to eliminate excuses and excel. She is interested in partnering with Mompreneurs, training professionals, nonprofits who help women start businesses, church personnel, and business educators.
  • Kristin Brenkus’ (Jacksonville, FL) expertise is empowering women. She is interested in partnering with social media gurus, virtual assistants, women’s empowerment groups, women desiring to start a business, and women desiring to move.
  • Kari Price’s (Calgary, AB) expertise is working with new leaders as well as people aspiring to be leaders. She is interested in with partnering digital marketers, LinkedIn experts, virtual assistants, leadership coaches, and online course sales experts.
  • Kellee Watkins’ (Oak Park, IL) expertise is counseling, coaching, and consulting. She is interested in partnering with educators, health & wellness professionals, organizations focused on helping women thrive, financial planners and faith-based organizations.
  • Crystal Marie Gaines’ (Franklin Park, IL) expertise is graphic and website design, print brokerage and brand marketing services. She is interested in partnering with real estate agents, financial planners, business coaches specializing in women over 50, new and established authors, and printing companies.
  • Jennifer Zimdars Stevenson’s (Mount Airy, NC) expertise is Pinterest and social media strategy. She is interested in partnering with life and business coaches, bloggers, authors, and real estate agents.
  • Diahana Barnes‘ (Camarillo, CA) expertise is success and business coaching (aligning your Spiritual Intuition with Money Business Goals). She is interested in partnering with business coaches that specialize in millennials, speakers, life coaches and writing coaches.
  • Gina Davis’ (Lakeland, TN) expertise is helping those that want to keep their marketing in-house. Her niche is customer retention and acquisitions – automated as many of processes as possible. She is interested in partnering with (non-marketing) coaches, CPA/Accountants, marketing (specialist) ie Facebook social media manager or Google Adword specialist, etc, business financial planners, and business consultants.
  • Julie Sanchez’s (Santa Maria, CA) expertise is in business operations consultation, ops improvement, coaching for improvement and C-level executive support. She is interested in partnering with business coaches for women, event speakers, social media marketing coaches, virtual assistant community, and small business entrepreneurs.
  • Patrica Allbritton’s (Pensacola, FL) expertise lies in her education in various areas of business start ups. She is interested in partnering with business coaches that specialize in Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Ministry, Veteran Administration, Escambia County School District, real women radio and evangelism.
  • Dr. Fern Kazlow’s (New York, NY) expertise has allowed her to developed a multi-dimensional approach for mentoring top 1-4% entrepreneurs and experts to get into the No Doubt Zone™. She is interested in partnering with media-related coaches, PR agency or publicist to highly successful entrepreneurs/experts, CEO’s, C Suite Networks (founder, leader, influencer in) and high level entrepreneur networks (founder, leader, influencer in).
  • Chante R. Hawkins’ (San Bernardino, CA) expertise is business process and strategies planning. She is interested in partnering with empowerment and life coaches, capacity building nonprofits, professional/personal development coaches/consultants, strategy consultants and women startups.
  • Jacqueline Miller’s (Somerset County, NJ) expertise is providing life, leadership and career strategies for high-achieving women. She is interested in partnering with event planners, marketing and branding experts, PR gurus, book publishers, virtual assistants and business strategic planners.

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