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By Jerrilynn Thomas | Collaborative Business Relationships

Jan 09

Get to Know the Women Who Make Up LinkedIn's Women in Biz Community

Summer Events & Activities

There are over 220 million women on LinkedIn. How many do you meet on a daily basis? Probably not enough to impact your bottom-line. You can change that by taking part in the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up, a year long movement/virtual tour of LinkedIn’s women in business community.  As a participant not only will you be spotlighted, you will discover the partnering preferences and business journeys of dynamic female LinkedIn members who can open business doors for you.  Registration is FREE.


Spark collaborative marketing relationships between 1,000,000 professional, Main Street & virtual business women so they can thrive INSTEAD OF survive by cross pollinating their marketing skills and female LinkedIn connections.

  • Main Street business and professional women will be able to access the invaluable online marketing skills of local virtual business women to push their monthly marketing messages on LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • In return, they will provide virtual business women with physical space to gain access to foot traffic (they can hand out info or gift bags, give special events, etc.) and offline marketing exposure in their press releases, signage on their counter, inserts in shopping bags, etc., to drive traffic to their web sites.
  • The 2018 One Million Woman Link Up will culminate with a colossal end of the year holiday collaborative marketing competition to boost their holiday revenue.

The wealth and influence within LinkedIn’s 200+ million women in business community is phenomenal. If we channel it properly, we can can outpace men when it comes to owning million dollar companies, transform Main Street, fund charities that help women get back on their feet and so much more.

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Tour Highlights

We will start our tour by spotlighting female LinkedIn members who live in the top 10 US states for women in business while exploring key trends. We will delve deeper into LinkedIn by spotlighting women who live in 25 of the top global cities for women in business. We will continue our tour by introducing women who live in 14 of the top countries for business women. While touring the top countries, we will network with women who live in the top 10 American cities for business women and the top 19 cities around the globe for women to launch a successful business. By the time we finish our tour, we will have met female LinkedIn members from the US, Canada, UK, Africa, Africa, Australia, Sweden and more.

Surround yourself with people who BELIEVE in your dreams.

PR Perks

Participants will be able to submit their business stories in text, video and audio formats along with the types of business and professional people they are interested in forming collaborative marketing relationships with. Their inspiring business journeys and partnering preferences will be added to a collaborative business partner matchmaking database then spread across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Alignable and Twitter as part of a virtual business exhibit to showcase the collaborative power of LinkedIn’s women in business community.  


  • Launch of new women’s partnership organization for female LinkedIn members who want to join forces to mine its lucrative women in business community
  • Alliance opportunities for women who want to use the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up to their PR & marketing advantage by connecting their city’s women in business market to the movement  
  • Inclusion in ad campaigns on LinkedIn as a supporter
  • Business competition to spark lucrative collaborative marketing relationships between Main Street, professional and virtual business women
  • Collaborative business partner matchmaking events to facilitate alliances and more.
  • Virtual LinkedIn retreats
  • Collaborative marketing roundtables
  • Facebook group for female LinkedIn members
  • Invitation only Slack community for collaboration between alliances and monthly collaborative business partner matchmaking events

Get Involved NOW

If your 2018 marketing goals include engaging in collaborative marketing partnerships and growing your female client base using LinkedIn, add yourself to the  2018 One Million Woman Link Up. Make sure you connect with Jerrilynn B. Thomas, founder of Collaborative Business Match on LinkedIn. A weekly newsletter will keep you informed about activities. Invite a friend to join the movement with you to serve as your accountability partner.

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Jerrilynn B. Thomas' business passion is facilitating lucrative cross marketing partnerships between complementary female LinkedIn B2B and B2C members who want to strategically expand their female client base while reducing the amount of time and money it takes to market their companies.

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