Committees of 100 Forming to Seed Women’s Business Movement

By Jerrilynn Thomas | Collaborative Business Relationships

Mar 19

Network, Market Your Biz, Lead & Create a New Revenue Stream

Committees comprised of 100 women from each state/province and select countries will begin forming at the end of March to seed the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up with powerhouse business and professional women who see the value of incorporating collaborative marketing partnerships into their LinkedIn activities to expand their business reach.  

  • Main Street business and professional women will be able to access the invaluable online marketing skills of local virtual business women to push their marketing messages on LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Virtual business women will be able to access physical space to gain access to foot traffic (they can hand out info or gift bags, give special events, etc.) and offline marketing exposure in their press releases, signage on their counter, inserts in shopping bags, etc., to drive traffic to their web sites.

Co-Chairs Needed

Committees lead by co-chairs will be broken down into subcommittees to ensure women from key metropolitan areas, top industries as well as niche audiences (authors, mompreneurs, women over 50, Veterans, Shop Local groups, women’s biz organizations, etc.) are brought into the movement. Subcommittees will also provide joint leadership opportunities.  

Task forces will lay the foundation for compilation e-books that showcase the expertise of 2018 One Million Woman Link Up participants, business competitions, business challenges, boosting the movement’s visibility using the top social media platform, building partnerships with leaders of online and offline women’s biz groups, and much more.  Numerous leadership opportunities will be available to women who come on board during the development phase of the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up

Marketing & Revenue Perks

The committees will serve as a marketing tool for the women who wisely step up to be a part of them. Co-chairs and committee members will be provided with the opportunity to give virtual and live mixers to attract female LinkedIn members. 

  1. The mixers will include a business presentation or mini seminar presented by the woman giving it. Guidelines will be provided.  
  2. If they give a complimentary live event that follows the guidelines provided to them, they can keep 100%  of any local vendor and or sponsors fees they personally sell.
  3. Committees will join forces to give mixers.

Committee members will also be able to showcase their expertise. Current members are gearing up to create podcasts to interview participants, develop webinars for onboarding new participants, host panel discussions between women from different states and countries, conduct video interviews, create badges for challenges imprinted with their business name and much more so they can engage the women they bring into the movement while attracting the attention of the other participants. The sky is the limit.

Committee Membership Requirements

Committee involvement is open to 2018 One Million Woman Link Up participants who have purchased either a micro advertising package, introductory Spring sponsorship, or attended at least one monthly Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! Event to prove they are vested in the movement.

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Jerrilynn B. Thomas' business passion is facilitating lucrative cross marketing partnerships between complementary female LinkedIn B2B and B2C members who want to strategically expand their female client base while reducing the amount of time and money it takes to market their companies.

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