How Familiar Are You With LinkedIn’s Features? Pt. 2

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Question #26 – Do you use the save search feature to put together marketing lists of prospects based on geography, industry, etc.?

  • 8.3% Yes, I do.
  • 63.1% No, I didn’t realize that I could save my searches to save time when prospecting on LinkedIn.
  • 28.6% No, but I am aware of the feature.

Question #27 – Do you use the headline feature to promote your expertise or current business project?

  • 56.0% Yes, I use the headline feature to market my business.
  • 44% No, I never thought about the headline feature in such a manner.

Question #28 – How many LinkedIn groups are you a member of?

  • 27.4% 40 – 50
  • 7.1% 30 – 39
  • 13.1% 29 – 20
  • 21.4% 19 – 10
  • 31.0% 9 or less

Participating in (not just joining) groups on LinkedIn is an effective way to gain insight, show thought leadership and promote your personal brand. Because the members in the group have commonalities, the relationships built have the potential of being more mutually beneficial.  Tajuana Ross – Get Over Yourself Career and Life Coaching, Inc., Greater Chicago Area

Question #29 – Have you taken advantage of the $50 in free advertising offered by LinkedIn?

  • 4.8% Yes
  • 95.2% No

Question #30 – Do you know that LinkedIn’s publishing platform is now open to all its members?

  • 36.9% Yes, I do.
  • 19.1% Yes, but I haven’t utilized the publishing platform yet.
  • 44.0% No, I didn’t know about LinkedIn’s publishing platform being open to all members.

Question #31 – Do you actively seek out endorsements?

  • 29.8% Yes
  • 70.2% No

Question #32 – Do you respond to connection requests if a person doesn’t have a photo?

  • 33.3% Yes
  • 66.7% No

Question #33 – Do you get the bulk of your new clients or job offers from LinkedIn?

84.5% No

15.5% Yes

Question #34 – Do you visit LinkedIn’s business blog and forum to find solutions to your issues with using the site?

  • 9.1% Yes
  • 90.9% No
Collaborative Promotion Opp
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