How Familiar Are You With LinkedIn’s Features? Pt. 1

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When I first joined LinkedIn, I thought it was a job site, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I hoped it would help me to network with other like minded businesses, find new customers for my day spa and share the news of our spa-value story. Today, with nearly 6,000 connections and over 1,000 endorsements, my LinkedIn network has turned into a very valuable tool. As a serial entrepreneur, I will probably never use LinkedIn look for a job, but when I need to spread the word that we have a job opening or a last minute opening in our schedule, I know that a post on LinkedIn will get immediate responses from the people I need to reach.

Heidi Lamar, Spa Lamar, Scottsdale, AZ


LinkedIn Profile

Question #15 – Do you consider yourself to be knowledgeable when it comes to navigating LinkedIn’s website?

  • 69.0% Yes
  • 31.0% No

Question #16 – They say LinkedIn is one of two major social networking sites that is male dominated — 44% of its 330,000,000 members are women.. Why do you think women haven’t taken over LinkedIn yet?

  • 76.7% They don’t know how to use the site to their advantage.
  • 15% They think it’s mainly a job site.
  • 6.7% The site isn’t user friendly. 
  • 1.6% They haven’t heard about it yet. 

Question #17 – If you are not actively marketing on LinkedIn why not?

  • 46% Unsure of how to efficiently use my time.  
  • 16% Unsure of the message they want to put out.  
  • 4% They think it’s a waste of their time.
  • 34% Indicated other.

Question #18 – Have you customized your LinkedIn profile URL to make it easier to remember?

  • 65.5% have customized their LinkedIn profile URL.
  • 27.4 haven’t customized their LinkedIn profile URL.
  • 7.1% didn’t know they could customize their LinkedIn profile URL.

Question #19 – Have you taken advantage of the new image background feature for your profile?

  • 46.4% Yes, I have.
  • 21.4% I am aware of the feature but I haven’t utilized it yet.
  • 32.2% I didn’t know that I could have a large background image.

Question #20 – Do you have over 500+ contacts in LinkedIn?

  • 70.2% Yes
  • 29.8% No

Question #21 – Do you know how to add your LinkedIn contacts to your email list for list building?

  • 39.3% Yes
  • 60.7% No

Question #22 – Do you use the LinkedIn mobile app to stay in contact and up to date with your connections?

  • 61.9% Yes
  • 38.1% No

Question #23 – Do you know that you can download your profile or any other member’s as a PDF?

  • 41.7% Yes
  • 58.3% No

Question #24 – Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page?

  • 36.9% Yes, I do.
  • 33.3% I am aware of the feature but I haven’t utilized it yet.
  • 29.8% No, I didn’t realize that LinkedIn offered Company Pages.

Question #25 – Do any of the LinkedIn groups that you belong to encourage its members to share their LinkedIn Company Page?

  • 26% Yes
  • 74% No