Call To Action & Our Challenge To You

2018 One Million Woman Link Up

What women are missing when it comes to LinkedIn is a collaborative marketing approach to harness its economic power. You can change that by plugging your business into the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up.  It's a year long virtual tour / business movement surrounding LinkedIn’s 220,000,000+ women in business community.  Its mission is to spark collaborative marketing relationships between 1,000,000 professional, Main Street & virtual business women so they can thrive INSTEAD OF survive by cross pollinating their marketing skills and female LinkedIn connections.

What Women Are Missing When It Comes To LinkedIn Is A Collaborative Marketing Approach To Harness Its Economic Power

  • 3.6% of the women interviewed selected building collaborative business relationships as one of their 6 month business/career goals.  YET when specifically asked if the idea of  cross pollinating their LinkedIn connections with other female members so they could strategically fill their seats, coaching hours, book sales, and more, 95.9% of them said it appealed to them. 
  • When asked why do you think more women don’t engage in collaborative business relationships, 63.1% responded that women are too busy trying to be superwoman to make time to engage in collaborative business relationships.

The desire to collaborate is there.  It just needs to be cultivated.

The majority of the women selected grow their business sales; get a high profile speaking engagement; find a new business opportunity; and start a business as one of their top 6 month goals.  They could successfully accomplish and expedite their goal(s) and more while taking the “pain” out of marketing on LinkedIn by building collaborative business relationships. 

The key to LinkedIn marketing success is tapping into your connections’ connections to bypass the barriers put in place to keep you from making direct contact with your second and third connections. This can be done by simply engaging in mutually beneficial collaborative business relationships utilizing LinkedIn’s key free features  – updates, connections, profiles, groups, Company Pages and publishing platform to reach each other’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd level connections.  You can even test out joint LinkedIn ads using the free $50 credit they offer several times a year.

Each LinkedIn feature has a specific reach.  Create joint announcements to fit the character guidelines for them and set up a time to share them daily.  Make introductions while reconnecting with connections you haven’t communicated with in a while to share what’s new with your business.  Just one week of collaborative marketing on LinkedIn can have a dramatic impact on your business.  

We Challenge You To Spend A Month Engaging In Collaborative Marketing Activities On LinkedIn

Transitioning from a solo marketing mindset to one that is collaborative takes daily practice. Collaborative Business Match’s challenge to you is to put together a cross marketing circle of at least 10 of your LinkedIn connections. Keep a daily diary of your activities along with the results for 30 or more days. Submit the info to as a PDF. You and your team will be invited to do a joint tele-interview. The recording will be published on Collaborative Business Match’s new site and you will receive assistance with creating a press release to publicize the success of your joint efforts.  

LET’S PARTNER! Calling all money minded collaborative spirited female business and professional women who want to expand their marketing reach to tap into LinkedIn’s massive community of 209,440,000 women while building a year round Shop Small movement that helps women owned businesses keep their cash registers full along with ours’. It’s time for us to go BIG!  More Info!!