July Collaborative Marketing Competition Announced

By Jerrilynn Thomas | Collaborative Business Relationships

Apr 29

Independent Retailer Month Collaborative Marketing Competition

PR Savvy Month for Brick & Mortar and Online Women Owned Businesses to Boost Local Sales

A collaborative marketing competition is planned for 2018 One Million Woman Link Up participants to help them expand their business reach throughout their metro area by capitalizing on Independent Retailer Month (July).  It’s an opportunity for them to cross pollinate their business with women from their metro area to create the ultimate summer Shop Local campaign to …

  • Sell out their events
  • Catapult their book sales
  • Fill up their coaching hours
  • Prospect for new clients
  • etc. 

Their collaborative marketing campaign will offer a wide range of  women centric in-store, online and community events and promotions designed to increase foot traffic (on and offline) along with overall social and economic growth. 


Teams must have at least one virtual business woman, professional business woman and woman owned brick & mortar business.

  • Main Street, business and professional women will be able to access the invaluable online marketing skills of local virtual business women to push their monthly marketing messages on LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • In return, they will provide virtual business women with physical space to gain access to foot traffic (they can hand out info or gift bags, give special events, etc.) and offline marketing exposure in their press releases, signage on their counter, inserts in shopping bags, etc., to drive traffic to their web sites.

If they have someone from a different city represented by their metro area, they can really expand their marketing reach during Independent Retailer Month.

About Independent Retailer Month

Independent Retailer Month was established in July 2011 by Clare Rayner, known throughout the world as “The Retail Champion,” to help get local communities working with their local retailers to help keep local money local. Now shops all over the country, in both big cities and tiny towns, celebrate. It’s an important month for retailers to remind consumers of the benefits of shopping locally, and of the key role that independent retail plays in the economy – both locally and globally.

Independent Retailer Month has expanded internationally in an effort to embrace the success of independent retailers, both brick-and-mortar as well as online. It’s a local PR dream come true that offers numerous PR opportunities to position yourself in front of the mayor, city council, small business associations, chamber of commerce, media, etc., as a leader.

Collaborative Marketing Competition Overview

  • Team sizes are 3, 5, 10+
  • Leadership of a team can be held by any type of business or professional woman – Coach, real estate agent, marketing consultant, direct sales consultant, teacher, author, military, non-profit consultant, etc.
  • Must have at least one virtual business woman, professional business woman and woman owned brick & mortar business from the same metropolitan area.
  • Must incorporate a drive for a local charity that feeds needy families.
  • Must include in-store and online special events that target women. You can target women in general or niche audiences (women over  50, business and professional women, moms, mompreneurs, prospective female home buyers, etc.)
  • June 30 is the final day to register for the competition.


The first round of judging will take place August 17.  They will be judged based upon how they rolled out their campaign, concept, use of PR, blending of expertise, creativeness of the campaign, variety of team members and end results of their campaign.  Teams must submit an end of campaign report, template will be provided.  Second round of judging will take place August 27. 


Customized marketing and business development package will be awarded. 3 teams will be selected.  A winner will be selected  per team size (3, 5, 10+) to help them collaboratively accomplish their 2018 business goals.


Registration is $25 per team. The fee is paid by the team leader. It includes networking, Shop Local marketing roundtable, interviews and team building support via private channel on Slack.  Involvement is exclusively for registered 2018 One Million Woman Link Up participants. If you haven’t added yourself to the powerhouse movement yet, click here

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