Interested In Partnering With Women Who Want Dominate in Their Industry Instead of Just Being One of the Crowd

By Jerrilynn Thomas | Collaborative Business Relationships

Apr 06

LinkedIn has over 200,000,000 female members who are trying to figure out how to get their marketing message in front of a warm audience. I am having the time of my life setting the stage for them to collaborate and do business together.

Jerrilynn B. Thomas,

Collaborative Business Match

My goal for 2017 is to surround myself with women who want dominate in their industry instead of just being one of the crowd.  Successful women collaborate with complementary businesses to fast track their growth by pooling resources to save time and money. There are over 200 million business and professional women on LinkedIn. That’s enough women to make a major economic impact on millions of women owned businesses.  My 2017 business mission is to lay a firm foundation for a collaborative business team comprised of at least one person per metro so we can prosper together.

When you are ready to think outside the box and see the value of collaborative business relationships, ladies please reach out to me so we can get to know each other. 

Who Am I?

In a nutshell, I facilitate collaborative business relationships between busy business and professional women who are looking for innovative ways to monetize their LinkedIn membership.

I do this by gathering women to engage in online conversations about what they are working on and get them to think about who can help them expand their business reach. I also create large scale collaborative business projects and plug women into them so they can see partnering in action along with its benefits to their business.

I’ve found that a lot of women are so busy running their businesses that they don’t incorporate partnering into their daily marketing activities. I am on a mission to change that. The wealth and influence within the women in business community is phenomenal. If we channel it properly, we can can outpace men when it comes owning million dollar companies, transform Main Street, fund charities that help women get back on their feet and so much more.

The important event in my life that sparked my entrepreneurial journey

I’d always wanted to have a home-based business. My mother ran a home daycare. My father had a home repair shop. My grandfather ran a taxi service. The birth of my twin daughters sparked my desire to finally jump into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship.

It didn’t make sense to hold a 9 to 5 when the bulk of my paycheck would be eaten up by daycare.  I took my love for publicity and turned it into a revenue generator in the early 90’s by helping women who wanted to use their job skills to start their own business so they could afford to be stay at home moms. A support group led to a fax newsletter and one day women’s conference with local speakers. Then the Internet was launched and changed everything for me. I created a discussion list, learned HTML and built my first site, which led to a women’s business club, online magazine, niche online women’s network, virtual women’s chamber of commerce, news site, and more. I morphed to keep up with the times.

My business journey to date has been a true adventure. I am now a grandpreneur.  I take care of my grandchildren while running my business. I have to admit it’s a totally different experience. I think there might be another business in my future, an online magazine that helps women in their 50’s address aging gracefully, running a business while caring for their grandchildren, cooking for two, tech, wealth building, enjoying life and continual business education. Stay tuned for more details. 

Words of wisdom for other business women.

Why sell to one person at a time when you can forge lucrative collaborative business relationships that can each yield 10 or more sales? Build strategic win win business relationships with complementary business and professional people who are already catering to your target audience. Start your day off scouting for collaborative business partners on LinkedIn, Alignable, Referral Exchange, Opportunity, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., that you can immediately pull into your weekly marketing campaigns. If you can, create a weekly collaborative marketing calendar based on your annual marketing plan.

My target audience.

Female LinkedIn members who want to monetize their membership using a collaborative approach to reach its audience of 200+ million business and professional women so they can accelerate their marketing and sales results. 

 I am interested in forming collaborative business relationships online with business people who can bring one or more of the following to the table:

  • Minimum of 500 LinkedIn connections in which the majority are female.
  • Introductions to their female business associates and connections.
  • Membership to one or more local business groups with a large number of female members.
  • Publish a monthly newsletter with at minimum 500 subscribers in which the bulk of them are women.

What I bring to the table to make a collaborative business relationship with me worthwhile is:

  • Love of creating online publicity around fun business holidays to stand out from the crowd.
  • Passion for connecting busy business and professional women.
  • Generous business spirit.
  • Collaborative marketing solutions.
  • LinkedIn expertise to help you navigate and utilize it for your benefit.
  • A network of over 8,000 LinkedIn connections.
  • Survey of LinkedIn’s women’s community about their upcoming business and consumer purchases along with partnering preferences that you can collaborate on to gain access to the participants.
  • & More in the works.

Seeking business introductions women on LinkedIn in the following industries:

  • Professional Training/Coaching
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Financial Planning
  • Retail
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Direct Sales

Basically, I would love to be introduced to anyone who provides products services that can help business and professional women advance.

In summary…

I am a collaborative business partner matchmaker. My marketing playground is LinkedIn. I create networking events and collaborative marketing projects for female LinkedIn members who want to join forces to market to the network’s 200+ million female business community.  

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

Ladies, together we can dominate on LinkedIn. Our individual business goals and dreams can come true by working collaboratively to mine LinkedIn’s community of 200+ million women business and professional women. Connect with me on LinkedIn and ask how we can create a win win partnership to monetize our LinkedIn membership.

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Jerrilynn B. Thomas' business passion is facilitating lucrative cross marketing partnerships between complementary female LinkedIn B2B and B2C members who want to strategically expand their female client base while reducing the amount of time and money it takes to market their companies.

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