Want to Attract More Partnership Requests?

By Jerrilynn Thomas | Collaborative Business Relationships

Apr 20

Want to Attract More Partnership Requests From Bizwomen?

Educate Them About Why and How They Should Form a Collaborative Business Relationship With You.

By Jerrilynn B. Thomas

I had a very eye opening conversation the other day with a business woman that I’ve been working with on a project.  She told me that she loves all of the offers of  complimentary PR and advertising posts I had been posting on LinkedIn and Facebook.  I asked  her if she loves them so much why hasn’t she taken advantage of them.  Her response was mind boggling.

She has never taken me up on the offers to submit complimentary news blurbs or press releases in exchange for sharing information about my news network because she didn’t know what to include in them much less have the mental energy to stop working to figure it out.  I started spouting ideas and tips to make it easy for her.  

She said that other women were probably just like her.  According to her, she has “business ADHD”.  She would start to write out something and then get distracted.  Her suggestion to me was to make a list of everything a person needed to have on hand to take advantage of my offers along with instructions on how to craft the content so they could just pull it out of a folder on demand.

She went one step further and said that I should hold a teleclass on how to put the information together for people who needed guidance and educate them on how to go to their LinkedIn connections to find complementary businesses that would be interested in forging collaborative business relationships.

I took her advice and  sat down and created a list of ways business women can cross market with me online and offline with tips for putting together each content item.  I ended my tip article by advising them to upload the documents and images to their web site with a link on their menu titled “Promote Me” so that anyone interested in cross marketing with them could grab the info.

Some of the content items I suggested included … 

  • 200 word press release about their company;
  • individual press releases for each of their products and services;
  • bio;
  • headshot;
  • RSS feed;

  • banner ads;
  • expert articles to showcase their expertise;
  • profile of their ideal client;
  • type of businesses they want to cross market with;
  • & 5 line news blurb.

If you are tired of beating the bushes everyday looking for clients, make yourself a partnering magnet by creating a list for your business that others’ can use to promote your business.   Determine what you can bring to the table to make a cross marketing partnership a success.  Then figure out how you plan to reward your partners for spreading the word about your company as well as for referrals.  

You need to offer them something that can use to advance themselves personally or business wise.

Your products, services, blog, web site, social networking connections, offline business networking groups and more can factor in what you can bring to the table.  Maybe there is an upcoming local business expo that you plan to exhibit at.  You can pass out the information of all the companies that shared information about your company with their mailing list.

Make a list of the things they need to instantly promote your business.  It could be …
  • list of tweets
  • blurbs for Facebook
  • special discount offer announcements
  • tip article for their newsletter about how to effectively use your products and services to solve a business problem
  • ebooks
  • announcement about an upcoming event, etc.  

Just make it easy and stress free for business owners to promote your business.  Your list should include the perk they will receive for performing each task. Watch for my online folder to be uploaded over the next few weeks.

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Jerrilynn B. Thomas' business passion is facilitating lucrative cross marketing partnerships between complementary female LinkedIn B2B and B2C members who want to strategically expand their female client base while reducing the amount of time and money it takes to market their companies.

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