Introduction Event For Powerhouse Female LinkedIn Members Interested in Marketing Collaboratively

By Jerrilynn Thomas | Collaborative Business Relationships

Jan 27

Save The Date: April 26 - 27, 2018

Engage in 48 hours of powerhouse networking on a private group with money minded women who can open business doors for your company and expand your business reach on LinkedIn. The innovative virtual networking event will offer small group and large group networking activities, collaborative marketing campaign development around buzz worthy PR holidays, marketing and revenue opportunities to piggyback on the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up and more.

Virtual Networking Activities

Women Partner Marketing Forum ... Premium
The Women Partner Marketing Forum kicks off May 28 to pull 2018 One Million Woman Link Up participants into the virtual tour / movement’s June collaborative marketing campaign.  Participants will become one of the “faces” of the movement by cross pollinating their individual marketing campaigns, LinkedIn connections, knowledge and content to …
  • set the stage to fill their seats;
  • book their coaching hours;
  • put their book on the best seller list, etc.,

Together they will capitalize on …

Golf Month (May), Haitian Heritage Month (May), International Business Improvement Month (May), International Victorious Woman Month (May), Latino Book Month (May), Military Appreciation Month (May), Mystery Month (May), National Inventors Month (May), National Stroke Awareness Month (May), Teen CEO Month (May), Women’s Healthcare Month (May), Executive Coaching Day (May 1),

Life Insurance Day (May 2), Dating and Life Coach Week May (6 – 12), National Tourism Week May (6 – 12), National Nurse’s Day & Week (May 6 – 12), International Coaching Week (May 7 – 13), Salute to Moms 35+ Week (May 13 – 19), Work at Home Moms Week (May 13 – 19), Reading is Fun Week (May 13 – 19), International Virtual Assistant Day (May 18), World Trade Week (May 20 – 26)

LinkedIn Biz Exchange ... Complimentary
Exclusive LinkedIn Biz Exchange for 2018 One Million Woman Link Up Participants: will provide them with the opportunity to discuss how to monetize their involvement; exchange profiles, company pages and articles published on LinkedIn; share their news; introduce the women they brought into the movement; mingle with some of the women spotlighted in articles written by Collaborative Business Match; and more.

Time & Extra Info

Smart Women Partner & Get Rich! Events kick off each month at 1 p.m. Eastern. You can enable messages to be pushed to your desktop so you don’t miss a moment of the networking while you handle your business and personal responsibilities. You will have an additional 5 days to leisurely network. All we ask is that you make every effort to post your introduction at the start of the event.

Early Bird Discount For Premium Forum

Reserve your spot for the Women Partner Marketing Forum within 24 hours of adding yourself to the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up movement list and pay just $35 to participate in your first event instead of $50. Invoice must be paid within 24 hours.  Are you a member of Collaborative Business Match’s new women’s partnership organization Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich!? If so, the fee is only $20.

Add Yourself To the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up

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Jerrilynn B. Thomas' business passion is facilitating lucrative cross marketing partnerships between complementary female LinkedIn B2B and B2C members who want to strategically expand their female client base while reducing the amount of time and money it takes to market their companies.

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