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2018 One Million Woman Link Up

What women are missing when it comes to LinkedIn is a collaborative marketing approach to harness its economic power. You can change that by plugging your business into the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up.  It's a year long virtual tour / business movement surrounding LinkedIn’s 220,000,000+ women in business community.  Its mission is to spark collaborative marketing relationships between 1,000,000 professional, Main Street & virtual business women so they can thrive INSTEAD OF survive by cross pollinating their marketing skills and female LinkedIn connections.

Cross Pollinate Your Business With Other 2018 One Million Woman Link Up Participants

2018 One Million Woman Link Up participants now have the opportunity to pre-purchase micro advertising packages for $10 each (reg. $25), minimum purchase of 2 packages, upon sign up.  The packages will spotlight their collaborative marketing preferences and drive traffic to their LinkedIn profile as well as their LinkedIn Company Page for a low introductory rate to attract participants who are interested in collaborating and doing business with their type of business.  They have 6 months to redeem them thus reaching more women when the movement is in full swing. 

The introductory rate is good for 24 hours after they add themselves to the movement. Invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receipt. Participants who signed up before the packages were offered can request to purchase them at the discount rate before they go up. Invoices that are not paid within the specified due date will be deleted and the lower rate will not be available anymore.

In Summary

The introductory rate for micro advertising packages are available to women when they add themselves to the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up. Invoices must be paid within 24 hours of being sent out. Women who were involved in the movement before the micro advertising packages were made available will have 48 hours after they are notified about them to take advantage of the lower rate.

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