Purchases Planned To Make To Enhance Business, Career, Personal Life

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Question #35 – What purchases do you plan to make to enhance your business, career or personal life?

Top Responses

  • Take a business/family group cruise
  • New auto, life, business, health or home insurance
  • Hire a maid service
  • Get home remodeled
  • Purchase a home
  • Join a gym/hire a personal trainer
  • Take family extended vacation
  • Have cosmetic procedure done
  • Refurnish office
  • Purchase new computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone
  • Invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds
  • Hire an event planner for a major conference
  • Buy an existing business
  • Purchase new wardrobe
  • Take a spa vacation

LinkedIn Spotlight

Heidi Lamar … Motivator & Day Maker at Spa Lamar

spa-l8dyeditJohn Lennon said it best. “Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans”. In 2004 I bought a commercial building in Scottsdale, Arizona. It had three tenants, and one happened to be a day spa, that was included in the purchase price. It was about 5,000 sf, was doing about $500k in annual revenue, and was not quite breaking even. Since I knew nothing about the spa business, my plan was to hire a Spa Director, who could hopefully improve the numbers, and then I would have three solid tenants. Unfortunately, my Spa Director had a family emergency and I found myself running a spa. As a Realtor, I had never been an employee or had one, so suddenly having 25 employees (23 of them women) was quite a surprise! I decided to motivate them and stay out of their way while I focused on marketing. Within the first three years, we tripled our revenue to $1.5M, expanded to 14,000 sf, grew to 50+ employees and were voted #7 on the Phoenix “Best Places to Work” list. Then 2008 came.

Owning the largest resort-style day spa in a city that boasts more spas per capita than any in the world, during a recession, is not for the faint of heart. Luckily, the team pulled together to get through some pretty tough times. When I told them we needed to cut payroll by 30% they voted to take pay cuts so we didn’t have to lay anyone off. They found ways to save money on utilities, negotiated with our vendors, and generally went above and beyond to make sure when the economic onslaught was over, we would still be standing.

Today, our team is stronger than ever. Many of the employees have been at the spa longer than I have and together, we have built a supportive passionate culture of value and caring that guests seem to love. In a city full of expensive resort spas and quick serve massages, we bridge the gap by offering a real spa day for about the price of a typical service. Massages start at $70 including all day use of our steam, sauna, heated pool, whirlpool, robes, towels, lockers and showers and guests can add a lunch or yoga class for just $20 more.

I have learned too many lessons to count, over the past 12 years, but if I had to offer one piece of advice, it would be this: Be authentic. You will never please every customer so concentrate on attracting the ones who crave what you have. Know what you do better than anyone else and only hire those people who do that really well. Don’t worry so much about taking business from your competitors. If you are crystal clear on your brand’s vision, you will attract the right customers and let the ones go that wouldn’t have liked you anyway.

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